If you plan to move abroad or live as an ex-pat, you probably know about International Life and Health insurance.

The typical international life insurance covers deaths caused by injury, illness, or accidents; caused by pre-existing conditions may not be covered. The beneficiary receives a lump sum payment in the event of death.

Whether you are looking for supplemental international health insurance while you are abroad or you are a Senior traveling abroad looking for health insurance, or you are an Executive looking for International health insurance for your employees working abroad or in the United States, Cal Insurance is the place to find all of these services. Besides, we can also help you with your Life Insurance and Long-Term planning needs.

On the Group side, if you are a 2-person small company just getting started or a large corporation or institution looking for a review of your current policies, we can work with your Human Resources team or decision-maker to ensure you have the best group plans available.

We work with most of the top-rated carriers, including Aetna, Cigna, Geoblue, IMG, and others, and can tailor specific plans for your executives whether they are based Internationally or in the US. Please email or call us with your particular needs.

As global lifestyles continue, the demand for comprehensive international health insurance has increased. In response to this demand, we can advise you on all the available plans to serve expatriates and their families.

Traditional travel insurance vs. Comprehensive travel health insurance

Comprehensive travel health insurance is available for short trips (1 day to 6 months) or as primary insurance for expatriates or someone relocating to another country for an extended period (6 months or longer). Depending on the trip’s length and the plan selected by the consumer, the policies can pay for doctor and hospital bills and sometimes even dental care and prescription medications. Added features that go beyond traditional “injury/illness” coverage for long-term expatriate care can include preventive/routine services, acupuncture, chiropractic care, maternity benefits, and more.

Another significant benefit to consider when purchasing travel health insurance is medical evacuation coverage. Remember that depending on your travel destination, adequate care for your condition may not be available locally. Medical evacuations can come with hefty price tags (at times up to six figures) and are challenging to organize and coordinate. In such stressful situations, it is essential to reassure you that you will not have to pay for transportation for a life-threatening emergency to a nearby location for excellent medical care or to return home for the best care. What is more, discerning between one air-ambulance company and another or having third party medical personnel assess the care you are receiving locally to verify the necessity of a medical evacuation are the types of decisions that we can help you with deciding what kind of coverage is best for you.

Navigating health insurance just got a lot smoother. Expatriates often have an appetite for “best in class” and can now enjoy superior health insurance. As always, it is a good idea to do your homework. Always ensure that you read the fine print rather than just scanning a benefit schedule. Ask your broker or insurance company to send you a sample policy so you can get the complete picture.

It is crucial to choose the right international life Insurance policy. At CAL Insurance, we offer our global executives and families the highest quality health and life insurance coverage wherever they are in the world.

We can help you customize your medical coverage to suit your needs and define your deductible and prescription benefits.